Quartz Engineered Kit

Stone Care Maintenance Kit

Rust Clean / Alganet

Alganet + Polishing Powder

Proclean 04 / Alganet

Water Jet use Solvigel / Solvent Stripper and rinse with Master Clean


Fine Wire Wool pad and re polish with Polishing Powder

Proclean 05 / Grout Clean / ACPlus

Stain Remover + Crytallising Paste Cream / Polishing Powder

On granite or marble you can use Platinum Stain Out

Rust Clean

Use Solvigel / Solvent Stripper / Nano Cream

Grout Clean / AC Plus / Proclean 05

Solvent Stripper / Alganet / Nano Cream

Remove with Stain Eraser

Use Solvent Stripper

Use Solvent Stripper / Stain Eraser / Nano Cream

For Marble or Granite use Solvent Stripper / Alganet / Solvigel
For Quartz Engineered use Nano Cream

Use Alganet or Stain Remover

Stain Eraser