PLATINUM ZIP can be applied with excellent results on marble, granite, gneiss, sandstone, quartzite, lava stone, porphyry, slate, trachyte, limestone, of various origins, colors and conformation, with glossy, polished, brushed finish. Indoor and outdoor use.
Ideal for floorings, kitchen tops, and bathroom tops. New and ols installation surfaces. Ideal for restoring the original color of the stone. High-quality water-oil repellent protective with reviving effect in solvent solution, with characteristics of very high resistance to U.V.A. rays, acid rain, washing with common detergents and solvents. It has excellent resistance to acid substances and protects against graffiti. Breathable, nonyellowing and reversible through the use of a specific product, PLATINUM ZIP is the ideal product for the toning treatment of shiny, brushed and polished surfaces. It highlights the natural colors of the stone material and, in addition to giving an absolute brilliance, it perfectly seals the micro-cracks and natural porosities present in the stone materials. The formulation allows its use on all types of materials, laid both inside and outside, with different finishes and absorbency. Ideal for finishing slabs in the processing lines or of the products in the marble workshops.

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