ACCADUEO is a water-based anti-stain product suitable for protection and consolidation of stone surfaces. Its formulation is the result of years of experience in the sector of treatment of stone surfaces. In addition to maintaining the protection characteristics of solvent-based products, this product, thanks to its compatibility with water, allows you to significantly reduce intervention times and related costs, just think of the downtime caused by waiting for the drying of surfaces after washing, before treatment. Despite its total compatibility with water, it is recommended not to apply it on wet supports that, while notnullifying the effectiveness of the treatment, they would make it less valid as it is held over time, the product does not alter the degree of slipperiness of the support.

It is possible to overlap ACCADUEO with finishing products, waxes or water-based resins
without any problems. The product is applied on: marble, granite, gneiss, volcanic stones, basalts, agglomerates and in general all the supports that have poor absorption, it can be used for flooring, cladding, facades, ventilated walls, etc.. Recommended for cement agglomerates and finishing grit glossy.

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