Stain-resistant, anti-writing, anti-rising, anti-mould and antismog.
High quality product that represents the synthesis of our knowledge as regards the use of the best raw materials present currently on the market and their use in refined formulations through daily use on construction sites, in Italy and abroad, from our specialized staff. Being a highly professional product, it is particularly suitable for professionals of the sector and especially for companies operating in the protective treatment sector.

PLATINUM ACQUA is a water-based stain-resistant product suitable for the protection and the consolidation of stone surfaces, in addition to maintaining the protective characteristics of solvent-based products. PLATINUM ACQUA, for its compatibility with water, significantly reduces intervention times and related costs, just think of the waiting times caused by prolonged drying surfaces after washing, before treatment.
Despite its characteristics of total compatibility with water, do not apply it on wet supports that, while not nullifying the effectiveness of the treatment, would make it less valid as held over time. PLATINUM ACQUA does not create problems in the case of an overlap with finishing products based on waxes or water-based resins. The product can be applied also on glossy marble, granite, beole, volcanic stones, basalts and in general on all the supports that have a poor absorption. It can be used for flooring, cladding, facades, ventilated walls, etc. The application must be done at support saturation checking its drying or with two hands crossed to a distance of one hour between them.
Suitable for all stone surfaces.

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