Solvent-based formulation for the darkening treatment of granites, black stone materials and cement agglomerates.
PLATINUM BLACK totally eliminates the natural stains present in the conformation of the support and thanks to the impregnated action, which allows a perfect saturation of the micro pores by eliminating the shading, it allows to obtain a uniform surface in the color.
Our product not only has excellent durability over time, thanks to its resistance to UVA rays, it also allows a greater cleanability of the surface thanks to the protective water-repellent action, it colors without leaving surface films.

PLATINUM BLACK can be applied on any type of stone material and on agglomerates with finishing: glossy, flamed, brushed, sandblasted, smoothed, rough. PLATINUM BLACK can be applied both on slabs to be stored in the warehouse and on finished products, before or after installation; it can also be used for maintenance or restoration of surfaces with the presence of
white halos from abrasion, aggression of acidic substances, halos caused by acid rains.

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